About School

About School

Nowadays we expect an educational institution to provide children with the highest academic standards first of all, sometimes we forget about the emotional climate, the simple everyday concept of “joy”, without which the human world is not full, it is poor.

We strive our students to be well-educated according to the modern requirements, but also positive, creative, and happy! We are teaching the children who will live their lives to the full, not only exist, who will not be suppressed by our changing world, but create their future for themselves and those around them.

Our school was created for such students, the curriculum was formed for them!

Today, Oxford Prime Academy is an educational institution that provides educational services for children of 4-18 years old. Training takes place at four main stages:

- School of Early Years for children 4-7 years old

- Prep School for children 7-13 years old

- Senior School for children 13-16 years old

- High school for students 16-18 years old

The academic content of each stage is based on the requirements of the UK state educational programs. All the lessons are taught in English. It is possible to obtain education documents according to the standards of Ukraine.

You can read the terms of enrolling to Oxford Prime Academy in the relevant sections of our website.