Inspection Results

The last inspection of Oxford Prime Academy by Edexcel took place in February 2018. The result of the inspection was a confirmation of the certificate of Oxford Prime Academy, which allows us to hold the official British academic exams at Oxford Prime Academy in Kiev.

The inspectorate highly rated the resources for sitting the exams.

A Level exams taken at Oxford Prime Academy allow our students to apply to any university in the UK requiring no additional qualifications, and without leaving Ukraine. Exceptions are the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, which also accept the exam results but require an additional in person interview, like with an application from any other British school.
Oxford Prime Academy exam results also give an opportunity to apply to most of universities in the USA, Canada, Australia, the EU countries and many others.

Edexcel is a multinational education and examination body. It is the UK examination board, which holds and assesses exams and provides qualifications according to the UK nation-wide standards and curriculum.

Edexcel is a part of Pearson Plc, and it is the UK’s largest awarding organization offering academic, vocational and work-based qualifications. Edexcel qualifications are recognized in almost all English-speaking and most other countries.