Our approach

Children in their original being bear naturalness and unconditionality, bring themselves into this world as they are. Every child has his or her own way of expressing oneself and his or her own trajectory of life, a unique way, which is not known to anyone.

Our task as someone having a constant contact whit the child during school time is to let him be during the period of studying, to express oneself and one's nature, and to bring his or her being without formatting him or her under society and norms.

And hence, there is no universal approach and principle of interaction with children. Every communication with a child is based upon what this child is and what is his or her nature in this world.

We believe that a child is not a blank sheet of paper on which you can draw what you want...

A child is a personality that should manifest him- or herself in the world without interference by stereotypes of the system, without being imposed generally accepted norms of success.

We do not form somebody or something from him or her.

We let children in our space to express themselves and taste different smells of life, give the opportunity to encounter their own strategies -  how to make a decision while interacting and how to follow their inner authority, and not to be led by the outer one.

This is why, in parallel with the mental process of learning, we often turn the child’s attention to his or her our bodily sensations.

Therefore, our children are: 

Active children - not “restless" ones;
Children of colors and moods - not “aggressive” and “emotionally unstable” ones;
Children-researchers - not those "lacking self-confidence";
Children of experience - not a "moving adventure".