Academic Overview

We closely monitor the progress of our students. Accordingly, every trimester our students' knowledge is carefully assessed and the results obtained are compared with previous ones.

How is testing done? Each teacher develops tests for their students based on age and trimester goals, which are described in the UK National Curriculum. Depending on the class, the tests can be written or oral. For the children in the preparatory department the tests are play-based. The teacher thinks over a game, while playing it, the child's knowledge is assessed and marked. All the tests are assessed by the teacher, as well as notes are written on each.

At the end of each trimester, a report on the child’s success in all subjects that he studied during a given period of time is sent to parents. Some notes about the progress in extracurricular activities chosen by the child are also done in the report.

Student’s overall work throughout the trimester, and the final tests are assessed, and the results are shown in the report.

The level of the child’s interest in the subject is taken into consideration. Parents can read the notes made by the teacher in which he/she indicates how the student excelled during this trimester and what it is worth to work on. Also, parents always have the opportunity to talk about the successes of the child personally with the teacher.