Summer School

Summer School

During summer holidays Oxford Prime Academy continues its activities. We are open both for children who already attend our school and for those joining us the next academic year in September.

However, during this time children do not notice that they study since all of summer activities are so much fun. Sure, they still have English and Chinese every day, but tuition is held in a form of various games. Children play lots of sports, pursue their favorite creative activities and we cannot do without long summer walks with active team games in the fresh air.

A child can take a break from the usual educational process and start the new academic year refreshed. 

This time will help your child keep up at the same level of English, revise everything that they have been taught during the year and acquire new knowledge. For newcomers this is a great opportunity to feel the atmosphere of the school, get acquainted with the teachers and classmates and of course plunge into the English-speaking environment.

For those who long for more adventures, we hold a summer camp with real challenges of wild nature. Children will learn the basics of self-orientation, trace recognition, arch shooting, fording rivers, dealing with all sorts of fire and many other skills, while advancing their knowledge of English.

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