Extra Curricular

Extra Curricular

Life for pupils at Oxford Prime Academy is busy but balanced. We try to give each boy or girl as much opportunity as possible to get involved in all aspects of school life. We endeavour for each pupil to find his or her strengths and interests through trying various non-academic activities.

Many activities are included in the regular curriculum together with academic subjects. Once a child gets acquainted with most of them and develops a particular interest, he or she has an opportunity to pursue it in extra curricular classes. This may broadly include sports, creative arts or logic challenges.

Here is a list of non-academic activities offered by Oxford Prime Academy:

• Martial arts

• Swimming




Cooking classes

• Robotics

• Chess

• Financial education

• Puzzle solving

Regular curriculum classes finish at 3.00pm and after having a snack and free time children start non-academic classes at 4.00pm.

On a normal day, a child typically attends two such classes and can choose between sports and a creative activity. Each lesson lasts 35 minutes and is included in the cost of tuition, with an exception of individual lessons.

If a child has an interest in some activity, which is not represented in the school, we are always interested to explore a possibility to include it in our classes.