Summer Camp

Summer Camp

For those who long for more adventures, we hold a summer camp with real challenges of wild nature. Children will learn the basics of self-orientation, trace recognition, arch shooting, fording rivers, dealing with all sorts of fire and many other skills, while advancing their knowledge of English.

This is all done within our Oxford Prime Academy Leaders programme. Youngsters, who become cadets of this programme, learn to help each other, survive in wild nature, to question conventional ideas and come up with non-standard solutions in challenging conditions. 

In 2019 we are going to repeat the successful programme of our summer camp of 2018. It will be a similar place in a picturesque suburb of Kiev (45 km from city line) and its 10 days are packed with activities.

Academic programme includes:

- Communication with instructors exclusively in English

- Daily lessons of English as a foreign language

- Daily lessons of Chlnese

Sport development includes:

- playing rugby and volleyball

- swimming

- daily morning exercises and a daily hour of intensive physical training.

Special development:

- Orientation, basics of survival skills and trace recognition

- Installation of tents, making different type of fire

- Daily cooking meals on fire

- Archery

- Knives throwing

- Pneumatic weapons shooting

- Two field hikes with an overnight stay in a tent

- Fishing

- Special medical treatment training (first-aid treatment under TCCC protocol)

This is all supported by four meals per day and friendly atmosphere, which does not interfere with military discipline.

At the end of 10 days, children pass tests in all courses that they learnt. 

The ideology of Oxford Prime Academy Leaders is simple - we encourage every participant to learn 5 L-qualities:

- Learning

- Liberty

- Loyalty

- Loving

- Leading

If you want to test your intellectual and sportive limits, if you always dreamed to learn military skills, apply to become a cadet at Oxford Prime Academy Leaders!

The program is open for children between 10 and 14 years old.

You can ask any questions regarding the course, instructors and conditions as well as submit your application by calling our administrator. Or you can express your interest by filling out the form below.