How is Oxford Prime Academy different from other schools?

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Which language is education at Oxford Prime Academy in?

All subjects at our school are taught in English. This includes absolutely all disciplines for all age groups. Foreign languages are taught in the foreign language itself with translation into English.

Is Ukrainian language taught at Oxford Prime Academy?

At Oxford Prime Academy children can choose to study Ukrainian or Russian after their second year at school.

As it might be important for Ukrainian native-speakers, let us explain. We aim that children master English at an early age and do so in all nuances of free expression of their thoughts. We are convinced that it is important for their future since we strive for the children not only to be fluent in English, but to feel themselves free and confident as citizens of the world. And this includes eloquent speaking without an accent, fast absorbing of information and free communication in any social group without a feeling of limitations. This is especially important for those children whose native language is not English. After acquisition of English at this level, children can learn Ukrainian and Russian language and grammar within a fairly short period of time.

Our child does not know English. Can he or she study at Oxford Prime Academy?

Many children apply to Oxford Prime Academy without prior knowledge of English. From our experience, in such a case a child can freely express his or her wishes in English after 3-4 weeks, and can speak absolutely fluently after 3-8 months, depending on a child. We do our best to encourage an application to Reception class, as the first step of Oxford Prime Academy, which would give a child an opportunity to immerse into English-speaking environment without an academic overload.

Does Oxford Prime Academy have a license?

Yes, our school has a British license for examination according to British curriculum. All examinations are hold on the territory of our exam centre in Kiev, while the submitted exam papers are marked by an independent commission in the UK. Based on exam marks, pupils are awarded British qualifications. Upon completion of Oxford Prime Academy, these qualifications allow to apply to any university in the UK and most of universities around the world. 

Where can students of Oxford Prime Academy continue their education? To which universities can they apply?

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What are the advantages of British A Level and GSCE qualifications over Ukrainian Certificate of Secondary Education?

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Our family is not sure if we are able to support our child to study abroad at an older age. Does our child need Ukrainian education now?

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Why classes at Oxford Prime Academy cannot exceed 8 pupils?

We use an individual approach to each child. In particular, we study each child in details using the system of Human Design. We think that for a child's formation, is it very important to acknowledge his or her personality and to give the child an opportunity to be him- or herself. 8 children per group - this is quantity which gives us this opportunity. A larger number of pupils would unavoidably lead to rules, which would limit such an approach. 

Why is Chinese learnt in depth at Oxford Prime Academy?

I (Yevgeny Babynin, Headmaster of Oxford Prime Academy) encounter economic opportunities in different countries all the time. It is obvious for me that China and Asia in general will play a crucial role in the world economy during the lifetime of our pupils. It may sound strange today, but the knowledge of Chinese will be just as vital as the knowledge of English today, and will definitely open many opportunities.

At our school, Chinese is learnt from the youngest classes at the age of 4. Many lessons are in a form of games. We strive for our pupils to acquire Chinese at a fluency level, where natural conversation precedes learning grammar.

How does Oxford Prime Academy use Human Design?

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