Процедура приёма

At Oxford Prime Academy, we are not academically selective. However, we do believe that our school has a special set of values and want to make sure that a potential pupil will fit the environment we have.

You can begin an application for your child by visiting an open morning in the school, filling in our registration form or just by contacting us at +38 044 334 32 14 or via email at admissions@oxfordprime.com.

Утро открытых дверех

You can start your acquaintance with the school during a pre-appointed open morning. We will be happy to answer any of your questions during the visit.

During the Open Morning, there will be an introduction from the Headmaster or one of our teachers. You will see a normal school day and be able to get a good impression of what life is like at Oxford Prime Academy.

Please fill in the form here to register.

Entry to school

We invite children to discover the school. At this age, we will need to assess child’s learning skills as well as English and Mathematics knowledge. 

Testing and exams are always stressful for both adults and children, which consequently affects the results. However, it is never an issue with our assessment as we offer a child just a game to play.

In our unique specially designed board game, a child can reach the finish successfully completing different tasks and solving questions. They may be written, oral, intellectual, linguistic, involve sports, drama acting etc.

We offer places at Oxford Prime Academy based on the assessment and interaction with the child during the visit.