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Start at School of Early Years (4-7).

Explore the world in English and Chinese from Day 1.

At Oxford Prime Academy, your child is able to start education from the age of 4 onwards in Reception groups. The first year at school is an invaluable start to learning and serves as a preparation springboard for the first grade (Year 1).

Reception groups function as Nurseries which help children to grow and develop in many different ways. Firstly, they help children to socialise and meet both other children and adults. Secondly, they help children to learn through play and games. Finally, nurseries help children to become more independent to think for themselves and make decisions. Away from their home, they learn and discover lots of other things.

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Proceed to international education at Prep School (7-13).

Our Prep school caters primarily for children up to the age of 13 and covers the curriculum of Key Stages 2 and 3. The mission of the Prep School is to equip a child with basic knowledge and skills to succeed in the Senior School. Simultaneously, it is the time when children are still eager to play and full of curiosity to discover. Our task is to embed academic aims into the engaging and fun learning environment where the child would feel happy and safe like at home. For this reason, our lessons are lively and challenging to encourage our pupils to think critically and independently. We are committed to educating the whole child with an individual in the center, and the curriculum focuses not only on the academic, but also on the creative, ethic, and physical development of children. Young learners who study with us have the benefit of having years of smaller class size and more personalized attention.

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Two exciting ways of summer learning.

Have lots of fun at our Summer School or be thrilled with adventures at our Summer Camping!

Play in English at our Summer School.

During summer holidays Oxford Prime Academy continues its activities. We are open both for children who already attend our school and for those joining us the next academic year in September.

However, during this time children do not notice that they study since all of summer activities are so much fun! Sure, they still have English and Chinese every day, but tuition is held in a form of various games. Children play lots of sports, pursue their favorite creative activities and spend long with active team games in the fresh air.

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Find your intellectual and sportive limits at Summer Camp.

For those who long for more adventures, we hold a summer camp with real challenges of wild nature. Children will learn the basics of self-orientation, trace recognition, arch shooting, fording rivers, dealing with all sorts of fire and many other skills, while advancing their knowledge of English.

This is all done within our Oxford Prime Academy Leaders programme. Youngsters, who become cadets of this programme, learn to help each other, survive in wild nature, to question conventional ideas and come up with non-standard solutions in challenging conditions.

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